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Seiersberg 1-9, 8055 Seiersberg

EKZ Shopping City Seiersberg Seiersberg 8055, Seiersberg 1-9

The biggest shopping centre in Styria, Shopping City Seiersberg, has to have a 3 Goldenen Kugeln, of course. We have been on the 1st floor of the new part of the building (house 9) since 2011. With a sales area of 85,000 m2, Shopping City Seiersberg is the largest shopping city in Styria and – just like 3 Goldenen Kugeln – has something for every taste. Our branch in the shopping city was completely redesigned and converted in 2017. The restaurant features the usual rustic and inviting ambience, offering guests a well-deserved rest while out shopping. Our favourite Austrian dishes are popular with our Austrian and international guests. This restaurant also has separate smoking and non-smoking areas, of course.
Seiersberg 8055, Seiersberg 1-9
Up to 15 people
Opening hours
9:00 a.m.–7:30 p.m.
9 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Sundays and public holidays
+43 316 24 21 40
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EKZ Shopping City Seiersberg Seiersberg 8055, Seiersberg 1-9